Change Your App launcher icon android studio

In this tutorial we will teach you How To Change your app launcher icon in android studio the Best and Easy way change your launcher icon with android studio, open your project and open res > mipmap folder, you might see default icon there Now right click on mipmap and choose New > Image asset   You can upload your own logo from computer here and resize, also you can change your bar logo and notification icons Example our logo in action bar   Click folder [...]
How to upload laravel to server

Easy Way upload laravel Files to Server

Create New Folder and named it anything example : core Select all files Exclude public folder, and move all files to your new folder (previously create) in this case our folder name is "core" After move all file it will look like above image This is look like inside the core folder Go back and go inside public folder, you might find index.php open with text editor or notepad++ This is inside index.php before we edit it Click to large picture This is look like after we [...]